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For many years K and E Marketing has positioned itself with manufacturers that had vision and the fortitude to predict that the Unified Schools would have to serve healthy food that tastes great.

Together with many school distributors we are ready for all the new changes that have and will continue to occur. For all the latest updates from the USDA please click here

We would love to meet with you and have you taste the wonderful products from our manufacturers that have and continue to meet the new requirements. Please contact our chef to schedule an appointment – ken@kandemarketing.com

Click here to visit the California School Nutrition Association website.

K&E has partnered with Giumarra Farms to participate in our Table Grape Program. Click here to learn more.

Tasty Brands

With over three decades of experience in the K12 segment, Tasty Brands offers great tasting products that meet the newest guidelines for Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Summer Menus.

Seapoint Farms

Dry Roasted Edamame

Michael B's/Bestway

We specialize in products for schools to improve the quality, preparation, and profitability of your lunch program.

Juice Bowl

Juice Bowl Products, Inc. supplies beverages for schools, vending, and other food service applications in the United States.

Green Bellies

Green Bellies is a company in the business of producing nutritionally superior foods. You are what you eat is more than an adage to us. It is wisdom.

We believe if you feed children foods that nurture their hearts and enhance their brain and body functions, you provide them the fuel to attain their utmost potential.